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Dinesh Kanth

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Training at New Warrior is about developing a relationship with the art form; doing everything with a purpose.

Boxing champ Dinesh Kanth is passionate about helping his students develop more confidence while reaching their fitness goals. Encouraging and calm, Dinesh is far from your typical instructor. Dinesh’s sole aim is to inspire his students to challenge themselves at their own pace.

With over 10 years under his belt as a personal trainer, Dinesh’s experience in Boxing, Kick Boxing and Muay Thai will help bring out the warrior within.

Dinesh is the instructor for the classes in both South Melbourne and Oakleigh locations. See the timetable for more info.

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Intro Offer

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Get a full cardio workout while strengthening your core with our boxing class! Our experienced trainers focus on helping you develop proper boxing form and technique, giving your body a better workout and increased confidence in the sport.

Covering a wide variety of exercises including pad work, bag work, grappling drills, footwork, fitness drills and bodyweight workouts, our boxing class suits warriors of all fitness levels.

This class is available at our Oakleigh and South Melbourne locations.

Muay Thai and Kick Boxing

Muay Thai and Kick Boxing

Get your heart rate pumping with our kick-ass kickboxing class! Learn the basics while perfecting your form.

Master the art of the 8 limbs through a wide variety of exercises including boxing techniques, footwork, fitness drills, pad work, and body weight workouts. Whether you are experienced or just starting out, our class is fantastic for people of all levels.

Muay Thai (“Moi Thai”) focuses on hand-to-hand combat, predominantly with a closer fighting technique called grappling. Using all aspects of the body, grappling allows you to gain a physical advantage through the improvement of relative position or to cause injury to the opponent.

A tougher workout which is suitable for people of all levels!

Muay Thai classes are available at our Malvern location. Our Kickboxing classes can be found at our South Melbourne and Oakleigh locations.


Put your knowledge to the test with our Sparring classes!

Battle it out with other students in a safe environment. Sparring classes are a great opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in class in a protected space.

This class is open to people of all levels from boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai classes and includes sparring and general cardio drills.

This class is available at our Oakleigh location.

Personal Training

Personal Training

Unleash your inner warrior in a personal training session with our experienced trainers. We’ll help you focus on developing the correct form and establishing proper workout routines in a private one-on-one session.

Each session is a mixture of fitness exercises and mixed martial arts; designed specifically to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Available at our Oakleigh and South Melbourne locations

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